Success Centers and Tutoring

Multidisciplinary Success Centers

Liberal Arts Campus

Pacific Coast Campus

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The Multidisciplinary Success Centers provide:

  • Supplemental Learning Assistance
  • Workshops on a variety of topics
  • Tutoring
  • Calculator Checkout
  • Test preparation
  • TEAS preparation
  • Foundational Skills Development
  • GED/HiSET Preparation
  • Financial Literacy Courses

Tutoring Centers

Liberal Arts Campus

Pacific Coast Campus

Free tutoring is available in a variety of subjects, including accounting, biology, chemistry, physics, foreign languages, and math. Students may work individually or in small groups. For more information, visit

Math Success Center

Liberal Arts Campus

The Math Success Center provides general math support, tutoring, course material access, and computer access, all for free, in an open, inviting learning environment. Many math courses have additional class specific support or resources available via the Math Success Center at LAC or online via the MSC Canvas page. This includes tutorials on math and statistics topics, math study skills workshops, skill builder and prep workshops, and homework help sessions facilitated by math faculty.

Additionally, the Center provides free peer tutoring to students registered in any math course offered at LBCC. Students can arrange to meet others enrolled in the same course for informal group study.

The Center houses state-of-the-art computers to provide students with a broad range of educational tools. With PC workstations, students can access online content for their courses and a variety of software to cover general college computing needs as well as math, stats, & engineering specific software such as Mathematica, StatDisk, AutoCAD/Solidworks, & CATIA.

Students may use the Center facilities on a walk-in basis throughout the semester. For free tutoring, they must register for MATH 650 Math Learning Center, a free noncredit course, and be concurrently enrolled in any math course.

Writing and Reading Success Center

Liberal Arts Campus

The Writing and Reading Success Center (WRSC) offers free writing and reading tutoring for any subject and Supplemental Learning Assistance (SLA) activities for English and Reading classes. Tutoring is available in 30-minute appointments and 15-minute walk-ins. SLA activities are available in a Directed Learning Activity format, in which the student first works alone on the activity, and then an instructor or tutor reviews the student's work. Instructor-led workshops on a variety of useful writing-related topics occur daily.

The WRSC also features a computer lab, group study rooms, pay-for-print services, free books, a large study area, and a wide range of written, online, and audiovisual materials for student use. For more information, visit

Academic Computing Centers

Liberal Arts Campus

Pacific Coast Campus

Macintosh and PC computers, the Microsoft Suite, specialized software, black/white and color printers, scanners, and Internet access are available to students in large open-access computer labs at both campuses.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) offers organized group discussion sessions designed to help students master course concepts and improve relevant study skills in historically difficult courses. Regularly scheduled SI sessions are conducted by trained SI Leaders in selected course sections. For more information, call 562-938-4699.

Presentation Practice Room

A presentation practice room is available at the LAC campus in room L-212 by appointment for students wanting to practice, view, and record their classroom presentations. For more information, call 562-938-4699.