Child Development-Learning Lab (CDLL)

CDLL 52        3 units  
Fieldwork/Preschool Techniques  
36 hours lecture, 54 hours laboratory  
Grading: letter grade or pass/no pass.  

This course is a study of current concepts and research in early childhood education through lectures and lab participation. It is designed for child development majors, early childhood education majors and parents. Proof of current state mandated immunizations and negative TB status are required to participate. This course provides the student with 3 units (48 hours lab) of supervised field work experience in ECE as defined by California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Transferable to CSU Only  
CDLL 603        0 units  
LBCC Child Development Centers Participation  
108 hours laboratory  
Grading: non graded.  

This is a non-credit lab experience for students participating in LBCC Child Development Center Demonstration Lab Schools to apply Child Development concepts to guided observations. Particular components, such as the age level, activities, and length of observation will vary and are determined by instructor.