2021-2022 Catalog

The Long Beach Community College District

Liberal Arts Campus
4901 East Carson Street
Long Beach, CA 90808
Ph: 562-938-4111

Pacific Coast Campus
1305 East Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90806
Ph: 562-938-4111

Accuracy Statement

To report errors and omissions, make suggestions for better readability, or offer comments regarding this catalog, please email catalog@lbcc.edu.

Curriculum Offerings

The College reserves the right to determine which of the courses listed in the catalog are to be offered in each semester. Changes in curriculum or course content may occur after the deadline for submission of information for this catalog. Refer to the catalog addenda (Fall, Spring) for updates and corrections; modified courses and awards will adhere to the rules of catalog rights and continuous enrollment and will be published in the subsequent main LBCC Catalog, which is published annually.

Schedule of Classes

Before the beginning of each academic term, LBCC publishes a schedule of classes online indicating each course to be offered. Schedules are available on the college website at www.lbcc.edu. Changes in curriculum offerings or fees charged may occur after the schedule is published.

Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Materials in Alternative Format

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended by Congress in 1998, requires agencies receiving federal funds to make their electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to people with disabilities. In compliance, the Long Beach Community College District provides its catalog, instructional materials, and other college publications in alternative formats. Any individual who requires special assistance and would like materials in an alternative format should contact the Disabled Students Programs and Services Department at 562-938-4558 or 562-938-4833 (TDD). A Disabled Students Programs & Services Office is located on both the LAC and PCC campuses.

Members of the 2021-22 College Catalog Work Group

Fabiola Guerrero
Kenna Hillman
Heather Kane
Wendy Koenig

And the 2020-2021 Curriculum Committee Department Representatives:

Chris Young
Christiane Woerner
Colin Williams
David Goto
Douglas Raphael
Francisca Mejia-Lopez
Grace Pokorny
Jim Henchey
Judy Conn
Julie Frumkin
Koby Moridzadeh
Leslie Forhand
Liz Nash
Loredana Vetere
May Xu
Megan Cummins
Michael Neal
Patrick Sheng
Paul Savoie
Paulette Baumgardner
Robert Olmos
Rodney Rodriguez
Sara Blasetti
Shelley Barnes
Sigrid Sexton
Trevor Rodriguez