Academic Policies and Procedures

LBCCD Policies and Procedures

Board policies are the voice of the Long Beach City College Board of Trustees and define the general goals and acceptable practices for the operation of the District. It implements federal and state laws and regulations. The Board of Trustees, through policy, delegates authority to and through the Superintendent-President to administer the District. The Superintendent-President and District employees are responsible to reasonably interpret Board policy as well as other relevant laws and regulations that govern the District.

Board procedures adhere to current laws and regulations. They address how the general goals of the District are achieved and define the operations of the District. They can include details of policy implementation, responsibility, accountability, and standards of practice. LBCCD policies and procedures are located at

Academic Affairs

Board Policies and Procedures pertaining to Academic Affairs are found in the 4000 band. 

Student Services 

Board Policies and Procedures pertaining to Student Services are found in the 5000 band.