Computer & Office Studies, Work Experience (COSE)

COSE 271WE        1-4 units  
Work Experience-Comp & Office Studies  
72 hours laboratory  
Prerequisite: Prior approval by COS department faculty and compliance with work experience regulations as designed in the college catalog.  
Grading: letter grade or pass/no pass.  

Students learn and gain on-the-job experience in a computer networking, information technology, or cyber security related field. Learning objectives are established collaboratively by the student, supervisor, and instructor. A minimum of sixty (60) hours of non-paid work or seventy-five (75) hours of paid work during the semester are required for each unit of credit. Students may earn from 1 to 4 units credit. Students may re-enroll up to 4 times (semesters). Prior approval from COS Department faculty and compliance with Work Experience regulations as designated in the College Catalog is required.