Course Grading

Pass/No Pass Courses and Grading

Some courses allow a student to change the grading option to pass/no pass instead of a letter grade. Students may change the grading option online via student self-service or may file a request to Change Grade Option: Pass/No Pass, which may be obtained on the Admissions and Records website at The deadline for changing the grading option for eligible classes can be found in the class schedule. Students are required to do all work assigned and take examinations as though they were receiving letter grades. To receive a grade of pass, a student must do work equivalent to a C grade or higher. Students seeking an associate degree are limited to 20 units on a pass/no pass grading basis. All 800-band courses, which are not applicable to a degree, are graded pass/no-pass. Courses taken on a pass/no pass grading basis do not affect the grade point average at LBCC. Students should consult the catalogs of the schools to which they intend to transfer to determine those schools’ policies.