Maximum Student Unit Load

Full-time unit load definitions for a regular academic semester are as follows:

  • Minimum full-time unit load: 12 units
  • Normal full-time unit load: 15 units
  • Maximum full-time unit load without waiver: 18 units
  • Maximum full-time unit load with waiver: 21 units

For students with good academic standing and who are not on any form of probation, the maximum full-time unit load definitions for any one or combination of summer/winter terms in a given year are as follows:


  • Minimum unit load for full-time summer status: 6 units
  • Maximum full-time unit load: 10 units
  • Maximum full-time unit load with waiver: 12 units
  • Minimum unit load for half-time summer status: 3 units


  • Maximum full-time unit load: 6 units
  • Maximum full-time unit load with waiver: 10 units

Enrollment limitations by residency category are as follows:

  • Residents of California may enroll for up to the maximum full-time unit loads, as stated, during the academic year and summer session and winter intersession.
  • Nonresidents, unless restricted by visa, may enroll for up to the maximum full-time unit loads, as stated, during the academic year, summer sessions, and winter intersession and must pay nonresident tuition.
  • High School Students - During the academic year, eligible high school students may enroll in a maximum of 8 units for fall and spring semesters and 5 units for summer terms and winter intersession. See the high school concurrent application form for specific requirements.

Waiver of Maximum Unit Load Limitation

  1. A student may request a waiver of the maximum unit load limitation. The determination to waive the maximum unit load limitation is the responsibility of the counseling department and will be made only for extraordinarily capable students of proven academic ability and excellent past academic performance.
  2. To apply for a waiver, a student must meet the following requirements:
    1. The student must be matriculated so that their college placement examination scores, transcripts of previous academic performance, and other pertinent data are available to the counseling department.
    2. The student must apply to the counseling department for a waiver no later than two weeks prior to the first day of open registration for the semester concerned. A waiver request after the two-week deadline requires approval of the Dean of Counseling and Student Support Services.
  3. The Vice President of Student Services, reserves the right to grant special waivers in unusual circumstances.
  4. Any student enrolled in more units than are permitted for their classification by these regulations will have their program of studies reduced to the applicable allowable maximum by the Dean of Enrollment Services or designated representative.