Online Learning

Online Learning refers to three types of courses:

  • Fully Online: a course that meets 100% online
  • Partially Online/Hybrid: a course that meets partially in a classroom and partially online
  • Web-Enhanced: a face-to-face course that meets 100% in a classroom yet also uses a Learning Management System

The Fully Online and Partially Online/Hybrid courses are also known as Distance Learning Courses. The Web-Enhanced courses are regular face-to-face classes in which your instructor uses online tools as additional resources for students.

Online Courses

Online courses are offered entirely online and do not require students to be present on campus. Online courses are facilitated through remote access by using a personal computer, internet connection, and a valid e-mail address. Students can access these courses at home, at off-campus public facilities, or by using the college’s Academic Computing Centers to log on to their course website. Online courses may include video content that can be accessed on the Web, and through embedded or streaming media.

Fully Online courses are taught in these formats:

  • Asynchronous – There are no required meetings in real-time; no meeting day/times are listed in the schedule. Asynchronous classes will be noted in the class schedule by the days and time being “Web” and the location being “Online.”
  • Synchronous – There are required meetings in real-time; meeting day/time patterns are in the schedule. Some instructors may use a combination of scheduled “real time” meetings (synchronous) and online work accessed on the students’ chosen time (asynchronous meetings), but the required meetings are regularly scheduled and show in the class schedule. 

Partially Online/Hybrid includes Face-to-Face Class Meetings

Face-to-face meetings – Some essential class labs in the trades and health sciences (Nursing, DMI, etc.) have been approved to meet face-to-face. In these instances, the class schedule will note a room number and times. These classes will be a Partially Online/Hybrid format with face-to-face meetings on-campus, and the rest of the content delivered online. Online Learning courses are designed to be equivalent and comparable to their on-campus course versions in terms of quality, learning outcomes, special requirements, course fees, and credit. Students can enroll in these classes through the regular college registration process, whether by walk-in or by accessing the Viking Student System through the LBCC website. Online Learning students are offered equivalent online services and support as on-campus students. Electronic library services are extended beyond the services available on campus and include an online reference desk, resources, electronic databases, and catalog access. For more information, visit or call 562-938-4818.