Faculty Office Hours and Syllabi

Faculty Office Hours

All instructional faculty who are teaching full-time hold five regularly scheduled office hours per week. Students may ask instructors for their hours and office locations.

Course Syllabus

All faculty members are required to publish and keep on file in their division offices a course information sheet, or syllabus, for each course each semester and to distribute them at the first class meeting or no later than the end of the second week of class. The syllabus must align to the content of the course as indicated in the official course outline and must contain grading standards for the class, a description of the means by which the course is to be taught such as lecture, laboratory, and outside assignments, attendance requirements, and office location and office hours. Other recommended items to include in syllabi are examination dates, text assignments, an outline of topics to be covered in the course.

The institution identifies and regularly assesses learning outcomes for courses, programs, certificates and degrees using established institutional procedures. The institution has officially approved current course outlines that include student learning outcomes. In every class section students receive a course syllabus that includes learning outcomes from the institution’s officially approved course outline.