Workforce Development

Workforce and Economic Development Programs

LBCC is a leader in creating and retaining regional jobs and advancing the region’s economic growth and California’s global competitiveness. This charge is a core part of the mission of the California Community Colleges, as essential as academic programs, vocational training and student services.

Economic and workforce development programs help businesses grow and create jobs and help people develop the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. The college focuses on the following core business activities vital to the region’s economy: small business development, global trade, supply chain management and logistics, advanced transportation (alternative fuels and electric vehicles) and energy technologies, health care, and emerging technologies and innovations.

Programs and initiatives include:

Center for Community and Industry Partnerships: Connecting community and industry partners with students and faculty through work-based learning engagements like classroom speakers, industry workshops, and advisory committees.

Internship and Job Placement: Customized internship and job search tools and support for students.

Customized Training for Industry: Creating partnerships with industry to develop customized training and professional development for individuals and businesses to help meet the needs of regional employers.

Community Education: Providing professional development.

Small Business Development Center Network: Facilitating millions of dollars in capital for small businesses, creating and retaining thousands of jobs, and supporting start-ups from launch to growth, and established businesses through advising and workshops.

Veterans Business Outreach Center: Supporting U.S. military veterans and their families in entrepreneurship including assistance in launching and growing their small business through professional 1:1 advising and training workshops. Typical areas of assistance include business formation, access to capital, how to market and government contracting.

Global Trade: Workshops and consulting services for small businesses to enter new global markets, expand existing global sales, and a specialized eCommerce program that provides strategies for growth through the Center for International Trade Development.