Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)

LBCC’s commitment to excellence in student learning incorporates the following institutional outcomes for the educational process. ISLOs are statements that define the knowledge, skills, and perspectives acquired by students who satisfy the College’s GE requirements. In alignment with LBCC's mission and values, students will be able to do the following upon completion of the College's high-quality educational programs:

  1. Appreciate and interpret a range of cultural expression in the arts and humanities to generate useful and original ideas.
  2. Effectively communicate with, and respond to, varied audiences in written, spoken, signed, or artistic forms.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking, problem-solving, and diagnostics skills with an understanding of research, science, as well as information literacy and quantitative reasoning.
  4. Critically and ethically engage in global and local issues with sensitivity to the diversity of individuals, groups, and cultures.
  5. Demonstrate the skills required to successfully enter and advance in the workforce, fulfill one’s educational goals, and make lifestyle choices that promote personal well-being.