What is Noncredit?

A noncredit course is one that is approved by the college and district as meeting the needs of enrolled students but that does not award college credit and does not go on a transcript. Noncredit courses are designed to lead to improved language skills for non-native speakers, to prepare for citizenship, to retool job skills, and/or to improve basic skills. Noncredit education programs may lead to:

  • Greater employability and/or job opportunity
  • A Certificate of Competency or Certificate of Completion
  • Preparation for credit bearing courses that may lead to completion of a Certificate of Accomplishment or Certificate of Achievement
  • Prepares students to complete credit courses that lead to an Associate Degree, or transfer to a 4-year higher education institution (such as Cal State Long Beach)

What does it mean to be enrolled in a “combined class” of credit and noncredit?  

There are distinct differences between credit and noncredit courses as illustrated in the grid below. Once you have enrolled in a credit or noncredit course, you cannot change from one to the other without dropping and enrolling. Students must pay for credit courses; noncredit courses have no associated enrollment fees.*

The differences between Credit and Noncredit Courses:

Course Number Courses numbered 600-699 (e.g., WELD 601). These courses are not degree applicable. Courses numbered 1-599 (e.g., ART 9 or WELD 483). These courses are degree applicable.
Student Fees No units = no enrollment fees. However, course material fees may need to be paid (fees identified in class schedule or via the instructor). Enrollment fees based on residency status and unit value of the course; fees must be paid by the stated deadline. Book vouchers, material fees, and child care financial assistance may be available for noncredit courses.
Grading No grade is awarded. Course does not appear on official transcript. If course is completed, a grade is issued (A, B, C, D, F, P, N/P). Course is listed on official transcript.
Financial Aid Financial aid is not applicable to noncredit courses. Students may use financial aid, if qualified.
Course Repetition May repeat the course as often as needed. Limited number of course repetitions allowed.