Course Requirements

Course Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Recommended Preparation

Prerequisites, corequisites, and recommended preparation advisories are listed with some courses in this catalog and the schedule of classes.

A prerequisite is a course or assessment that must be completed before enrolling in a specific course. Satisfactory completion of an assessment requires successful completion of the assessment process. Satisfactory completion of a prerequisite course requires a grade of P or a “C” or better.

If a student has completed a prerequisite at another college or in high school, the student must bring a copy of their official transcript to the Admissions and Records Office and ask for an equivalency evaluation before registering. The student may challenge the prerequisite if the student believes he or she has the knowledge and the ability to succeed in the course, particularly if the student is drawing upon his or her work experience and wishes to take a vocational course. Information regarding prerequisite challenges can be found at

A corequisite is a course in which the student must be enrolled at the same time as a companion course. Corequisites are often used in science classes that include a lab. In some cases, a student may be allowed to complete the corequisite course in a prior semester.

A recommended preparation statement is a set of skills or a course that will significantly increase a student’s probability of success in a course but is not necessarily required for success.

Challenging Course Requisites and Limitations

Challenging course requisites or limitations requires written documentation that explains the alternative course work, background, or abilities that adequately prepare the student for the course. Students may obtain a Prerequisite Challenge Form from the Admissions and Records Office. Reasons for challenging requisites or limitations must include one or more of the following:

  1. A requisite course is not reasonably available over a period of several semesters
  2. The student believes the requisite or limitation was established in violation of a regulation or district-approved process for establishing requisites and limitations
  3. The student believes the requisite or limitation is discriminatory or is being applied in a discriminatory manner, or
  4. The student believes he or she has the documented knowledge or ability to succeed in the course.

Students may file the Prerequisite Challenge Form with the school office or department head responsible for the course he or she wants to enter. If space is available in the class at the time the student files the challenge, the student may register for the challenged course and the District will resolve the challenge in a timely manner. If the challenge is denied, the student will be dropped from the challenged class.

If no space is available in the challenged class at the time that the Prerequisite Challenge Form is filed, the District will resolve the challenge prior to the beginning of registration for the next term. The student may register in the challenged class during the normal registration period if the challenge is approved.