College Organizational Structure

Board of Trustees

Position Name
Member Trustee Area 1 Uduak-Joe Ntuk
Member Trustee Area 2 Vivian Malauulu
Member Trustee Area 3 Sunny Zia
Member Trustee Area 4 Herlinda Chico
Member Trustee Area 5 Virginia Baxter
Board Secretary M'Shelle Reece
Superintendent-President Mike Muñoz

Superintendent-President Office

Position Name
Superintendent-President Mike Muñoz
Chief Innovation Officer Tracy Carmichael
Interim Executive Director, Communications and College Advancement Carl Kemp

Institutional Effectiveness

Position Name
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness Heather Van Volkinburg
Director of Planning Jennifer Holmgren

Executive Committee

Position Name
Executive Vice President, Student Services Nohel C. Corral
Vice President, Academic Affairs O. Lee Douglas
Vice President, Business Services Raymond "Chip" West III
Vice President, Human Resources Loy Nashua
Interim Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development, and Government Affairs Melissa Infusino
Associate Vice President, PCC Alisia Kirkwood

Academic Affairs

Position Name
Vice President, Academic Affairs O. Lee Douglas
Dean, Academic Affairs Kenna Hillman
Dean, Online Learning, Educational Technology, and Learning Resources (OLETLR) Hussam Kashou

Academic Services

Position Name
Director Brent Gilmore
Department Head, Library Dele Ladejobi

School of Career Education

Position Name
Interim Dean Suman Mudunuri

The Career Education departments include:

Department Heads Name
Computer and Office Studies Miriam Valeschini-Lynch
Family and Consumer Studies Koby Moridzadeh
Public Services Michael Biggs

School of Applied Technology and Culinary Arts

Position Name
Dean Gene Carbonaro

The Applied Technology and Culinary Arts departments include:

Department Heads Name
Trades and Industrial Technology Damon Skinner
Culinary Arts Haley Nguyen

School of Business, Education, and Health Sciences

Position Name
Dean Paul Creason

The Business, Education, and Health Sciences departments include:

Department Heads Name
Allied Health Jim Steele
Business Administration and Economics Myke McMullen
Child Development and Educational Studies Julie Frumkin and Dana Van Sinden
Associate Degree Nursing Maricela Arnaud
Vocational Nursing Julie McGill

School of Kinesiology, Public Health, and Athletics

Position Name
Dean Randy Totorp
Department Head Grace Pokorny

School of Language Arts and Communication

Position Name
Dean Nicole Glick

The Language Arts and Communication departments include:

Department Heads Name
English Jason Casem
English as a Second Language (ESL), American Sign Language (ASL), and Linguistics Maureen Mason
Communication Studies Douglas Raphael
World Languages Francisca Mejia-Lopez
Reading and Teacher Preparation Megan Kaplinsky

School of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

Position Name
Dean Moises Gutierrez

The Science, Engineering, and Mathematics departments include:

Department Heads Name
Life Sciences (Horticulture) Robyn Arias
Math and Engineering Ladera Barbee and Natalie De Moss
Physical Sciences Otto Figueroa and Joanna Haan

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Position Name
Dean Elisabeth Orr

The Social and Behavioral Sciences departments include:

Department Heads Name
History, Political Science and Ethnic Studies Vanessa Crispin-Peralta and Paul Savoie
Social and Behavioral Sciences Chris Carter and Janine Pliska

School of Visual, Performing Arts, and Cultural Programs

Position Name
Dean Janét Hund

The Visual, Performing Arts, and Cultural Programs departments include:

Department Heads Name
Performing Arts Peter Knapp and Skye Angulo
Visual & Media Arts Carolyn Castano and Robert Hersh

Online Learning, Educational Technology, and Learning Resources

Position Name
Dean Hussam Kashou
Department Head, Learning and Academic Resources Shelley Barnes

Administrative and Business Services

Position Name
Vice President, Administrative and Business Services Raymond "Chip" West III
Interim Associate Vice President, Administrative and Business Services Robert "Bob" Rapoza

Business Support Services

Position Name
Director, Business Support Services Vacant
Deputy Director, Purchasing and Contracts Mireille Hernandez
Manager, Environmental Health & Safety, and Parking Services Lubert Iglesia
Manager, Mail and Reprographic Services Khantina Malinis
Manager, Warehouse Logistics Christopher Baker
Coordinator, Risk Services Iliana Nkila

Fiscal Services

Position Name
Director, Fiscal Services John Thompson
Deputy Director, Finance and Accounting Conrrado Duran
Sr. Manager, Budget Operations Sem Chao
Payroll/Benefits Manager Cindi Nguyen
Store Manager, Bookstore Vacant
General Manager, Bookstore at LAC Reed Figueroa
General Manager, Bookstore at PCC Ruth Ramirez
Bursar Stacey Robinson


Position Name
Senior Director, Facilities Planning, Construction and Operations Walter Johnson
Deputy Director, Operations and Maintenance Maria Williams-Slaughter
Manager, Campus Facilities - Grounds (LAC) Brian Fuertes
Manager, Campus Facilities - Maintenance (LAC) Brian Shields
Manager, Campus Facilities - Operations (LAC) Pedro Garcia
Manager, Campus Facilities - PCC Cheryl Williams
Manager, Events and Community Relations Jay Lopez
Grounds and Transportation Supervisor Vacant

Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS)

Position Name
Chief Information Systems Officer Robert Carman
Interim Director, Application Development and Support Jonah Lopez
Deputy Director, Network Services and Technical Support Mark Guidas
Deputy Director, Academic Computing and Multimedia Services Tim Heffern
Deputy Director, User Support and Web Development Scott Voelker
Deputy Director, Web and Mobile Services IITS Vacant

Economic Development Division

Position Name
SBDC Regional Director, CAED/SBDC Patrick Nye
Associate Director, 10,000 Small Businesses (10KSB) Cheryl Melendez
Alumni Manager, 10,000 Small Businesses Sharon Peterson

Human Resources

Position Name
Vice President, Human Resources Loy Nashua
Associate Vice President, Human Resources Kristin Olson
Executive Director, Human Resources - Classified Caroline Chretien-Shook

Public Affairs and Marketing

Position Name
Interim Executive Director, Public Affairs and Marketing Carl Kemp
Senior Director, Community Relations and Academic Partners Vacant
Director, Communications and Community Engagement Stacey Toda

Student Services

Position Name
Executive Vice President Nohel C. Corral


Position Name
Athletics Director Kaladon Stewart
Athletic Coordinator Ashley Rippeon

Counseling and Student Support Services

Position Name
Dean Javier Villaseñor
Dean, Academic Success, Inclusion, and Support Services Erainia Freeman
Director, Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) Vacant
Director, EOPS, CARE, and NextUP Edward Henderson
Assistant Director, EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs Christina Barrios
Interim Director, Long Beach College Promise Elijah Sims
Transfer Center Coordinator Ruben Page
Articulation Officer Trevor Rodriguez
Counseling Department Heads Sara Blasetti and Phillip Huerta

Enrollment Services

Position Name
Dean Yvonne Gutierrez-Sandoval
Director, Admissions & Records Allison Estrada
Director of Financial Aid Jason Avila
Director, International Students Nina Richardson
Associate Director, Scholarship & Outreach Shyra Compton
Financial Aid Supervisor Susana Duran
Enrollment Services Supervisor Michele Pope

Student Equity

Position Name
Dean Sonia De La Torre-Iniguez
Director, High School Outreach and Educational Partnerships Guadalupe Pasillas
Director, Phoenix Scholars Jose Ibarra
Director, Student Equity Eric Becerra
Interim Director, Title V (DESTINO) and First Year Experience Programs Alex Luong
Director, Upward Bound Wendy Porter-Coste
Interim Matriculation Coordinator Lorraine Blouin
Systems Impacted Manager Sara Rodriguez

Student Affairs

Position Name
Dean Deborah Miller-Calvert
Director, Basic Needs and CASA Grant Justin Mendez
Director, Student Conduct & Student Life Sylvia Garcia
Director, Student Health and Student Life Sergio Grimaldi
Director of Psychological Services Vanessa Garcia
Lead Nurse/Nurse Practitioner Marianne Palacios
Student Life Coordinator Teila Robertson