Physiology (PHYSI)

PHYSI 1  (C-ID BIOL 120B)         5 units  
Human Physiology  
72 hours lecture, 54 hours laboratory  
Prerequisite: ANAT 1 or ANAT 41 or BIO 60.  
Recommended Preparation: CHEM 2 or one year of high school chemistry.  
Grading: letter grade or pass/no pass.  

This course is the study of the functioning of the human body at the molecular, cellular, organ and organ system level. Laboratory experiments reinforce the concepts and allow students to gain experience with standard physiology equipment. This course is designed for pre-nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physical education and other allied health majors. Students are required to complete 3 hours of activities in a Multidisciplinary Success Center to complete activities and assignments that relate specifically to this course''s content.

Transferable to both UC and CSU; see counselor for limitations