Enrollment Fees and Other Expenses

Students must pay all fees and tuition at the time of registration unless otherwise indicated. All students are required to purchase their own books and regular supplies. All fees are subject to change after the printing of the schedule of classes.

A $15 fee will be charged for all returned checks. Under Assembly Bill 1226, any person who writes a check dishonored for lack of funds is civilly liable for three times the amount of the check, plus the face value of the check.

Resident Enrollment Fees

A student classified as a California resident (see residence section) shall be required to pay an in-state enrollment fee of $46 per unit. This rate is subject to change without notice as determined by the California legislature.

Nonresident Enrollment Fees

Students who have been classified as nonresidents (see residence section) shall be required to pay nonresident tuition at the rate of $303.00 per unit plus the normal enrollment fee of $46.00 per unit and a capital outlay surcharge of $43.00 per unit, for a total of $392.00 per unit. This rate is subject to change without notice.

Books, Supplies and Course Materials Fees

Visit our website: lbcc.bncollege.com or call 563-938-4223. The LAC bookstore is located in Building I. Students must purchase all books and the supplies required by instructors of the classes in which they enroll. If a class has a materials fee, this fee will be listed in the schedule of classes and must be paid during registration. The on-campus bookstores will sell new and used textbooks, in addition to other cost-saving options such as textbook rentals and digital e-textbooks when available and appropriate. Other required course materials and supplies will also be available for purchase at the campus stores.

College Services Card Fee

The College Services Card (CSC) is the official student identification card utilized by both LAC and PCC campuses at LBCC. The CSC is validated each semester by a current CSC sticker. While the CSC is optional, it is required to use the Viking Voyager shuttle. Revenue from this CSC Card supports the intellectual, physical, social, and cultural goals of students through the sponsorship of educational and co-curricular programs. It underwrites the Associated Student Body student government, campus shuttle service, athletics, grants and scholarships, music and theater arts programs, the Viking Newspaper, intramural and recreational activities, clubs and organizations, KLCB/KCTY radio, accident insurance, and a number of other programs and activities supporting the students’ extracurricular experience. The CSC sticker is issued by the Cashier’s Office at LAC and PCC each semester for $20 for fall and spring and $13 for summer sessions. No fee is charged for winter session.

Student Health Fee

A health fee of $20 for fall and spring and $17 for summer and winter sessions will be charged upon registration, unless students meet one of the following exemptions:

  1. Any student who depends exclusively on prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization. Documentary evidence of such an affiliation is required.
  2. Students attending college under approved apprenticeship training programs under Section 76355(c)(2).

Parking Fee

Students must purchase a parking permit to park on campus. The parking fee for automobiles or motorcycles is $30 during the fall or spring semester. The fee for all students during summer and winter intersessions is $20. Day permits are $2.

Required Instructional and Other Materials Fees

Students may be required to purchase instructional and other materials required for a credit or noncredit course. Such materials shall be of continuing value to a student outside of the classroom setting and shall not be solely or exclusively available from the District. These fees are not covered by the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) Fee Waiver (Title 5 Cal. Admin. Code Sec. 59400).

Printing Fee

A printing fee will be charged for each page printed in the Academic Computing Centers and Library on campus. Students are welcome to save information to email or a flash drive to print at home or take to another source for printing.


The College cannot extend deadlines for paying fees. In the event that a student becomes indebted to the College due to library fines, damage to or loss of books or athletic equipment, student loan defaults, breakage of equipment, checks returned for insufficient funds, failure to meet attendance regulations for financial aid, or for any other reason, the college will deny further enrollment, and refuse to release information to potential employers or other agencies until all indebtedness has been cleared.


Students are eligible for a refund of fees only if they withdraw from classes prior to the last date to drop without a grade (course census date). See the Viking student system for refund deadlines for enrolled courses. LBCC will determine the amount of federal financial aid that a student has earned in accordance with federal law. Students who receive federal financial aid and do not attend any classes will be required to repay all of the funds they received. Students who withdraw from all classes prior to completing more than 60% of the semester will have their financial aid eligibility recalculated based on the percentage of the semester completed and will be required to repay any unearned financial aid they received.

A student’s withdrawal date is as follows:

  1. The date the student officially dropped/withdrew from their course(s) online, or
  2. The student’s last date of attendance at a documented academically related activity.

LBCC does not offer leaves of absence.

Interdepartmental Class Transfer Rules and Refunds

Students may transfer from one class to another within the same academic discipline upon the approval of the instructors involved. Transfers shall not be considered withdrawals.

Definition of a Class Transfer

After the refund or transfer period, transfers may only be made between classes in the same academic discipline. Furthermore, transfers will only be allowed under the following conditions:

  1. Each class is of equal length and start in the same week; or
  2. The class from which the transfer is being made is shorter than the new class and both start in the same week; or
  3. The class from which the transfer is being made is longer than the new class and both end in the same week.

Fee Refund or Transfer Period

In order to receive a refund students must drop the course prior to the last date to drop without a grade (course census date). To transfer enrollment fees or nonresident tuition from one class to another, students must officially withdraw after the last date to drop without a grade (course census date) and transfer within the same academic department provided that permission is granted by both instructors.

Enrollment fees, nonresident tuition, health fees, and materials fees will be automatically refunded to students who officially withdraw during the refund period. After this period, these fees will not be refunded. In the case of a verified military withdrawal, enrollment fees will be refunded with no service charge.
College Services Card and parking fees will be refunded within the refund or transfer period defined above. After this period, no refunds will be issued. All requests for refunds must be accompanied by the College Services Card or parking permit. No refunds will be granted without the appropriate documentation.
College Services Cards stickers and parking permits must be surrendered to the Cashier’s Office in order for a refund to be issued. Parking fees will be refunded by check from the Cashier’s Office via U.S. mail.

Appeal for Extenuating Circumstances Refund of Enrollment Fees

  1. The Admissions & Records Team shall consider all appeals for refunds of tuition and enrollment fees due to extenuating circumstances. Administrative Procedures 4230: Extenuating circumstances shall be defined as reasons for absence beyond the control of the student. Typical examples of such circumstances would be extended illness, hospitalization, court appearances, or death in the immediate family.
  2. The Vice President of Student Support Services, or designee, shall consider all appeals for refund of College Services Card and parking fees.

Change of Address and/or Affirmed Name

Change of address and/or affirmed name may be completed via the online student self-service portal, or in the Admissions and Records Office. If in person, a photo ID is required for all transactions. Change of address for payroll purposes is made in the Payroll Office to ensure correct delivery of paychecks and W-2 Forms.